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For Sale

🏡 Prime Residential Open Plot for Sale in Kurnool 🏡

📍 Location: 3.5km dis from Kurnool Bus Stand towards ulchala road KL Nagar,

🏡 Suitable for: Building your dream home

🏫 Close to Schools: Just minutes away from reputed schools

🏥Proximity to Hospitals: Immediate access to healthcare facilities

Plot Details: 3.22 (cents)
Plot Size : [26×54]
Land Type : Residential
Faceing : West face

For Sale

🏡 Prime Residential Open Plot for Sale in Kurnool 🏡

📍 Location: 5km dis from Kurnool Bus Stand towards ulchala road Rajarajeswari Venture.

Plot Details: 3.09 (cents) 150 Sq.yd
Plot Size : [30×45]
Land Type : Residential
Faceing : East Face

Dear Visitor, "Welcome to Our Prestigious Kurnool Plots for Sale: Explore the Finest Builder Projects Mayuri Ankura in Kurnool.

"Explore Mayuri Ankura: Kurnool plots for sale approved by Kurnool Urban Development Authority! Nestled in a prime 20-acre development along National Highway 44, these plots offer an ideal investment opportunity in the fast-growing Hyderabad-Bangalore Industrial Corridor. Secure your bright future with our well-connected, infrastructure-ready plots. Explore and invest today!"


  • Major entrance arch
  • Master compound wall
  • 60″ wide road with central lighting
  • All internal roads are 40″ wide roads
  • Electricity with town feeder power
  • Avenue plantation
  • Curbing stones for road and median
  • Open drainage system
  • Park with children’s play area
  • 1 lakh liter capacity overhead tank
  • Clear title

Nearby Locations

  • 2 km away from Ulindakonda Railway Station 
  • 2 km Away from IB Hubs ( Old Kottam Tulasi Reddy Engineering college) Software/ Training Institute. 
  • 4 km Away from Kurnool Kio ShowRoom. 
  • 6 km Away from Subba Reddy Engineering and MBA College. 
  • 7 km Away from Dupadu Railway Station. 
  • 8 km Away from RIDGE International School. 
  • 10 km Away from Orvakal industrial Nod.

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